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London, 18 March 2013

South Africa solidarity appeal

Committee for a Workers’ International

We need to mobilise resources to build in South Africa. We call on all our members and supporters to help us to raise £30,000 by May Day.

Donate for the DSM, CWI South Africa

The CWI relies on the donations from working class people around the world to fund our campaigns. All payments in pounds sterling, made through a secure server (details below). Visa and Mastercard are valid for payments made outside of the UK.

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Secure Server - administered by WorldPay. We will send a confirmation email and so will WorldPay. Refund policy: There is a seven day cooling off period during which you have the right to a refund. After the cooling off period refunds are given at the discretion of the CWI executive committee. Alternative payment method: Send a UK cheque or postal order to CWI, PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD. Contact details: Tel +44 20 8988 8777 or email.

The Marikana massacre was a turning point in the history of South Africa. The need for a real and new representation of the working class in the political arena and the trade union field is not just visible, but a battle has opened to fill this space.

The DSM played an outstanding role in the miners’ struggle. We helped to set up independent strike committees, to spread the strike from shaft to shaft and to other sectors of the economy, to continue the battle and force big business and their government to make concessions.

The tradition of the CWI of involvement in the struggle of the South African working class - from the battle against Apartheid, the battle to build Cosatu and the ANC in the past to the battle today for new working class representation - can now be developed on a much higher level.

WASP, the Workers’ and Socialist Party will offer the working class its own voice, its own programme, its own party. It is being launched on 21 March. The mineworkers’ national strike committee has given its backing.

This is a new opening in a country with huge battles to come. This is a unique opportunity, that we have to grasp in the best possible way. The struggle to build the forces of Marxism in competition with all kinds of attempts to cut across the movements of the working class has entered a new period. We can offer the ideas needed to fight back against capitalism and racism, against the dictatorship of big business, namely the mining bosses and their political puppets, for a socialist society, free of oppression and exploitation.

This struggle is international - and we have to turn this internationalism into hard, cold money.
The DSM needs the money to build:
· The May 2013 edition of Izwi labasebenzi, the DSM’s paper
· A copy printer
· Travel needs, transport material and the quality of the roads of South Africa force us to buy a 4 wheel drive van.
· Transport and expenses for the first meeting of the newly elected National Committee, representing different branches from all over the country

The DSM itself has high targets to increase and maintain their regular expenses on the basis of subs, donations and fighting fund.

Therefore the 30,000 GBP are needed for the DSM from the International to help to kick-start into a new period of struggle and building.
We urge all comrades to discuss their contribution in their branches, to develop a plan to speak with all comrades and sympathisers and to donate as much as possible.

Tony Saunois, for the International Secretariat of the CWI

Please send the money you’ve collected to the International Centre of the CWI, for example through the national centres of the CWI’s affiliated sections or through this website (left column)

South Africa on


South Africa: ANC President Zuma purges cabinet
05/04/2017, Weizmann Hamilton, Workers and Socialist Party (CWI in South Africa):
Political situation demands the launch of a mass workers’ party

South Africa: Unity against poverty, crime and xenophobia
17/03/2017, Shaun Arendse, Workers and Socialist Party (CWI South Africa):
Capitalist politicians use xenophobia to divert attention from failures of profit system

South Africa: Victimisation of #OutsourcingMustFall activists
02/11/2016, Workers and Socialist Party (WASP - CWI in South Africa) :
State tries to crush worker-student unity in struggle for free education

South Africa: Local government elections leave ANC in crisis
15/10/2016, Weizmann Hamilton, from the new issue of Izwi Labasebenzi:
Socialist mass workers party needed

South Africa: Solidarity with students
22/09/2016, Statement of the Executive Committee of the Workers' And Socialist Party (WASP, section of the CWI in South Africa) :
Struggle for free education

South Africa: Local elections a thunderous rebuke for ANC
09/08/2016, Weizmann Hamilton, Workers and Socialist Party (CWI in South Africa):
ANC polls less than 60% for first time since end of apartheid

South Africa: Zuma must go!
06/05/2016, Editorial from Izwi Labasebenzi (WASP - CWI South Africa) :
Build a socialist mass workers’ party for a government of the working class

South Africa: Zuma & the ANC must fall
22/04/2016, Workers and Socialist Party (CWI in South Africa):
Build a socialist mass workers party for a government of the working class

South Africa: Worker and student protests intensify
25/02/2016, Reporters from the WASP (Workers and Socialist Party, CWI in South Africa):
#OutsourcingMustFall campaign becomes point of reference for the working class

South Africa: Campus workers strike against outsourcing
14/01/2016, Workers & Socialist Party (WASP), Reporters:
For the mobilisation and support of all students, permanent workers and communities across Tshwane

South Africa: Johannesburg university struggle
03/11/2015, Workers and Socialist Party (WASP) reporters:
Solidarity needed

South Africa: Students rise up against class apartheid
24/10/2015, Weizmann Hamilton, Workers and Socialist Party:
ANC leadership shaken by electrifying ten days

South Africa: Student uprising
22/10/2015, Statement of the Socialist Youth Movement, South Africa:
Struggle for free education now!

South Africa: Mining and steel industries in crisis
16/10/2015, Shaun Arendse, from Izwi Labasebenzi (newspaper of the Workers and Socialist Party):
‘Deals protect profits not jobs’ – for nationalisation under workers control

South Africa: The Marikana Report – a whitewash
30/06/2015, Weizmann Hamilton, Workers’ and Socialist Party (WASP):
Not a stone has been left unturned on the political landscape

South Africa: Organise against xenophobia – a programme for our communities
21/04/2015, Workers and Socialist Party (WASP) leaflet text:
Build a country-wide socialist civic movement. Fight for jobs, houses and services for all

South Africa: Cosatu splits as ‘Vavi’ expelled
01/04/2015, WASP (Workers’ and Socialist Party) reporters:
Expulsion opens new chapter in working class struggle

South Africa: NUMSA & WASP discuss international experiences of new workers’ parties
South Africa’s metalworkers union in discussion with WASP and CWI

South Africa: Metalworkers’ union expelled from COSATU
25/11/2014, WASP Reporters:
Rebuild the trade union movement on socialist principles!

South Africa: Metal workers’ union clashes with Congress of South African Trade Unions
03/11/2014, Moses Mayekiso, WASP President and Numsa founding general secretary (elected while on trail for treason in 1987):
For political and class independence - Struggle, solidarity and socialism!

South Africa: "A workers’ party must emerge"
11/10/2014, John Malanga, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
Dire position of South African capitalism and inequality adds momentum towards creation of workers’ party

South Africa: Community protest over corruption widens
11/09/2014, WASP reporters:
Authorities deploy heavily armed response

South Africa: Metal workers’ strike
19/07/2014, By Workers and Socialist Party (WASP – South Africa) Reporters:
Industrial action must take forward call for a new workers’ party

South Africa: 220,000 metalworkers’ on strike
03/07/2014, Mametlwe Sebei, Workers’ and Socialist Party (WASP) Deputy President:
Forward to a living wage – end labour broking

South Africa: Victory in platinum miners’ strike!
27/06/2014, Workers’ and Socialist Party (WASP) statement:
Significant step forward in the struggle for a living wage for all

South Africa: Elections 2014
09/05/2014, By Weizman Hamilton, General Secretary of WASP:
The ANC victory, WASP and the EFF.

South Africa: Socialist election campaign at full throttle
24/04/2014, Workers and Socialist Party (WASP):
Building a bridgehead to a new mass workers’ party

South Africa: Enthusiastic response for WASP ahead of May elections
WASP campaigning material available on pdf

South Africa: WASP manifesto launch success!
01/04/2014, Workers’ and Socialist Party (WASP):
On Saturday 29 March the Workers and Socialist Party launched its 2014 election manifesto at a rally in Katlehong, Gauteng

South Africa: WASP registers for the 2014 elections
13/03/2014, Workers’ and Socialist Party:
Moses Mayekiso, inaugural general secretary of NUMSA heads electoral list

South Africa: Radio "Socialist summit"
Panel debate on socialism including Workers’ and Socialist Party (WASP), and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) representatives

South Africa: The end of Cosatu?
17/02/2014, WASP (Workers and Socialist Party) Reporters, S Africa:
Time for a new socialist trade union federation

South Africa: Struggles intensify as election draws closer
12/02/2014, By Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
Campaigning for WASP socialist alternative at May polls

South Africa: After NUMSA’s Congress
04/02/2014, Workers And Socialist Party (WASP) statement:
Seize the historic opportunity of the 2014 elections

South Africa: NUMSA’s bold and historic decision
20/12/2013, Workers’ and Socialist Party:
Historic decision to cut ties with the ANC

South Africa: Mandela’s legacy
07/12/2013, Weizmann Hamilton and Thamsanqa Dumezweni, DSM (CWI South Africa):
Heroically leading ANC to power but struggle tragically into dead end

South Africa: Perspectives for the left
05/09/2013, CWI:
During a recent radio show, Weizmann Hamilton (DSM and WASP) outlined the perspectives on re-building a powerful workers’ movement and a new mass working class party in South Africa.

South Africa: Marikana: workers remember the massacre a year ago
23/08/2013, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa) reporters:
On August 16, the anniversary of the police massacre of striking workers at the Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana, over 5000 mineworkers gathered on ‘the mountain’ where their comrades had been shot down one year earlier.

South Africa: One year after the Marikana massacre
17/08/2013, Liv Shange, DSM (CWI South Africa):
Both capitalists and working class prepare for unforeseen turmoil

South Africa: Limpopo WASP Launch
07/08/2013, Meschak Komani, first published by WASP:
Workers, Communities and trade unionists unify their struggle

CWI Summer School: Seismic convulsions in South Africa
25/07/2013, Nick Chaffey, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales):
This year’s CWI Summer School, held in Belgium this week, began with an inspirational account of the recent dramatic developments of workers’ struggle in South Africa, the important participation of the Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa) and the launch of the Workers and Socialist Party (WASP).

South Africa: Repression defeated - Liv Shange back in South Africa
13/07/2013, By Meshack Komane, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
A victory for the whole working class

South Africa: DSM activist threatened with deportation
25/06/2013, DSM (CWI South Africa) correspondents:
An injury to one is an injury to all

Obituary: Comrade Kemelo Ernest Mokgalagadi
11/06/2013, Mametlwe Sebei, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
A genuine working class fighter and a revolutionary socialist

South Africa: Mass retrenchment threat in mining industry demands mass action
18/05/2013, DSM (CWI South Africa) reporters:
Workers and Socialist Party calls for one-day-general strike

Review: ‘South Africa - The Massacre that Changed a Nation’
25/04/2013, Alec Thraves, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales):
A surprisingly devastating critique of the ANC’s failure to ensure ‘a better life for all’; BBC2 April 24th and online

South Africa: Workers and Socialist Party - first steps toward uniting struggles
24/04/2013, Liv Shange, DSM (CWI South Africa):
Following the launch of the WASP the work is ongoing to, on the one hand, complete the formal registration of the party and, on the other, sink its roots and establish its structures across South Africa.

South Africa: Workers and Socialist launch making waves within the combative SA working class
30/03/2013, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa) reporters:
The launch of the Workers & Socialist Party was the direct outcome of the struggles of the mineworkers of South Africa throughout the course of last year.

South Africa: Media echo on WASP launch
22/03/2013, CWI:
"A political party has been born in the aftermath of the Marikana mine massacre - the Workers’ and Socialist Party (Wasp)", media report

South Africa: Workers & Socialist Party launched in Pretoria
21/03/2013, CWI reporters, South Africa:
Launch surpassed all expectations

South Africa: Struggle is the answer to women’s oppression
12/03/2013, Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
Ruling establishments have long tried to ‘domesticate’ international women’s day – to shed crocodile tears for the victims of gender oppression

South Africa: Big response for Workers’ and Socialist Party
21/02/2013, Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) General Secretary:
“You cannot buy the bravery of the South African mineworkers: no surrender!”

South Africa: South African workers support DSM/CWI
15/02/2013, CWI reporter, Johannesburg:
Hundreds-strong meeting hears speeches from visiting CWI members

South Africa: Democratic Socialist Movement national conference
13/02/2013, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Hardening solid gold

South Africa: Battle for control of mining sector
31/01/2013, Weizmann Hamilton, DSM (CWI South Africa):
Statement on the retrenchment threats by Anglo America n Platinum and Harmony Gold

South Africa: WASP begins to take shape
28/01/2013, CWI reporters, South Africa:
Representatives from miners’ strike committees, community groups, trade unions and left organisations met to discuss development new Workers & Socialist Party

South Africa: Twenty arrested in Flagstaff protest for basic services
22/01/2013, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa) reporters:
Mass protest at court – urgent solidarity needed

South Africa: Media reports on new workers’ party launch
South African press announces founding of Workers’ and Socialist Party

South Africa – solidarity: Harmony Gold lock-out and mass eviction
10/01/2013, Liv Shange, DSM (CWI South Africa):
Workers lives are threatened after a week without food, access to medication

South Africa: Founding of Workers and Socialist Party
20/12/2012, Press Release, 17 Dec 2012, DSM Executive Committee, the Strike and Workers’ Committee Representatives of Bokoni Platinum, Harmony Gold, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Royal Bafokeng and Murray Roberts.:
WASP will now mobilise support for the party

South Africa: From the miners’ strike to a new mass workers’ party
11/12/2012, Interview with Mametlwe Sebei, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa), by Mel Gregson, Socialist Party (CWI Australia):
The background to the wave of miners’ strikes across South Africa and how this movement is showing the way forward for workers and the poor across the country

South Africa: Miners’ struggle continues
01/11/2012, From The Socialist, weekly paper of the Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales):
Interview with miners’ leader Hoshoko Letshoba

South Africa: From apartheid to Marikana
19/10/2012, April Ashley, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) and black members’ rep on Unison national executive (personal capacity):
The struggle for social justice continues

South Africa: Workers confront brutal South African capitalism
18/10/2012, Alec Thraves, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales). Alec has just returned from a visit to South Africa.:
The class struggle in South Africa is far sharper than in many countries. Socialist consciousness is far higher among the powerful, industrial working class.

South Africa: Strike Committee asks for financial support
17/10/2012, Appeal by Rustenburg Joint Strike Coordinating Committee:
International Solidarity needed

South Africa: Striking miners take an important step forward
16/10/2012, Democratic Socialist Movement, DSM (CWI South Africa):
National Strike Coordinating Committee launched on 13 October

South Africa: National Strike Coordinating Committee launched
15/10/2012, Mametlwe Sebei, DSM (CWI South Africa), speaking at press conference (13 October 2012):
Spread of committees needed to prepare for general strike

South Africa: Rustenburg workers host first meeting of national strike committee meeting
13/10/2012, Rustenburg Joint Strike Coordinating Committee statement, 12 October 2012:
Step towards national coordinated strike action

South Africa: ’What are we doing about this government that is killing us?’
12/10/2012, Interview with Mametlwe Sebei, Democratic Socialist Movement, DSM (CWI South Africa):
The struggle for a new mass workers’ party with a socialist programme

South Africa: "All out on united strike!"
The "Joint Strike Coordinating Committee" of all mines on strike in Rustenburg calls for a march next Saturday to confront the government. It argues for a general strike for a national living wage of R12,500 (US-$ 1400).

South Africa: Support the miners – donate to the Workers’ Defence Fund [updated]
02/10/2012, Weizmann Hamilton and Alec Thraves:
Mine workers’ strikes boosted by success at Lonmin – coordinating committee needs solidarity

South Africa: ’Lonmin settlement a victory - struggle pays!’
28/09/2012, Statement of the Rustenburg Joint Strike Coordinating Committee, 19 September:
"We are inspired to continue the fight in the mines which continue to resist our united action."

South Africa: Marikana massacre ignites the mass movement
21/09/2012, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa), from Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales):
ANC leadership has shown since the massacre that the gulf between it and the masses is now unbridgeable

South Africa: Paul Murphy MEP speaks on miners’ struggle
Massacre of South African miners and Betrayal of the ANC

South Africa: Miners’ struggle spreads and intensifies
Press reports on impact of Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI)

South Africa: Solidarity protests in Nigeria and Ireland
CWI solidarity actions continue as struggle rumbles on

South Africa: The Marikana Massacre
04/09/2012, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Murder and attempted murder charges against miners detonates a volcano of rage

Solidarity: International protests following Lonmin massacre in South Africa
Reports of CWI-organised lobbies in Ireland, Israel, Austria

South Africa: Marikana massacre, the struggle continues
22/08/2012, Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
“This is not our government”

Britain: [updated] Solidarity with South African miners
18/08/2012, CWI:
Protesters in front of embassy demand end of killing and support the miners

South Africa: Solidarity with Lonmin’s miners
17/08/2012,  DSM (CWI South Africa):
South African police massacres striking workers at Marikana - call for protest action

South Africa: One-day general strike shows workers’ willingness to fight back
14/03/2012, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa) Reporters:
200,000 march across South Africa

South Africa: Video of protest against unfair dismissal of mine workers
17/02/2012, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Cosawu union won application to represent about 700 workers

South Africa: Assembly for working class unity held in Johannesburg
11/11/2011, Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
“A journey of a thousand miles begins”

South Africa: Equal pay for equal work!
11/08/2011, By Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Labour broker workers march to Minister of Labour for permanent jobs

South Africa: Hundreds of thousands striking metal workers joined by petrol refinery workers
12/07/2011, Mametlwe Sebei, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
Mobilise all workers and communities to defeat bosses!

South Africa: Small but significant steps towards raising independent working class voice at local government elections May 2011
11/06/2011, Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement, South African affiliate of the CWI:
ANC retains big majority but political authority weakened

South Africa - solidarity needed: 1,400 Rustenburg mine workers still sacked
10/06/2011, By Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), South African affiliate of the CWI:
After striking for the right to elect their own shop stewards the workers are attacked by both - the mine- and trade union bosses!

South Africa: Workers take over factory
23/12/2010, Reporters from DSM (CWI South Africa):
On Wednesday 20 October, the workers of the Mine Line/TAP Engineering factory in Krugersdorp, just outside Soweto, started an occupation of their workplace to stop the former owner from stripping the factory of machinery and other assets and to fight to save their jobs.

South Africa: Stop union bashing at Supreme Spring!
29/10/2010, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Appeal for solidarity

South Africa: Workers take over factory to defend jobs
26/10/2010, DSM (CWI in South Africa) reporters:
Solidarity needed!

South Africa: Public sector strike “suspended” by union leaders
13/09/2010, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
Break the Tripartite Alliance – For a mass workers’ party on a socialist programme

South Africa: Public sector struggle continues
01/09/2010, Leaflet produced by Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Say no to job cuts and poverty wages!

South Africa: Public Sector workers shut down city centres in day of marches
31/08/2010, Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Massive turn-out on ninth day of strike

South Africa: Government threatens right to strike...
24/08/2010, Pamphlet issued by the Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
DSM demands: General Strike to support public sector workers

South Africa: 1.3 million public servants in one-day warning strike
12/08/2010, Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM – CWI in South Africa):
Longer strike may follow after negotiations on Thursday

World Cup security: A trial run for impending battles
10/07/2010, Stephen Jolly, Socialist Party (CWI Australia) Councillor, currently in South Africa:
More than 41,000 police have been mobilised to deal with World Cup security.

South Africa: Socialist Party Councillor speaks to striking miners
30/06/2010, Steve Jolly, Socialist Party (CWI in Australia):
5,000 sacked miners on strike

Football: The other side of the World Cup
23/06/2010, Stephen Jolly in South Africa:
Cape Town is having its biggest moment ever, or at least since the afternoon Nelson Mandela spoke to the masses from the balcony of City Hall hours after being released from 27 years in jail.

Football World Cup: Riot police attack workers’ protest at Durban stadium
15/06/2010, CWI:
South African riot police fired tear gas on hundreds of security stewards protesting against wage cuts, 90 minutes after the match between Germany and Australia in Durban.

South Africa: Towards a genuine left alternative?
21/05/2010, Edited version of an article by Liv Shange and Weizmann Hamilton, first published in Izwi labasebenzi, paper of the Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
The Conference of the Democratic Left (CDL) is an initiative to bring together left organisations, social movements and activists to confront the disastrous social, economic and political crisis in South Africa.

South Africa: Free education proposals
16/05/2010, by Liv Shange:
Tinkering or transformation?

South Africa wins the World Cup ... of inequality
15/05/2010, by Sheri Hamilton, Weizmann Hamilton and Liv Shange:
Let them eat cake - the ugly backdrop to the beautiful game

South Africa: Rustenburg miners’ strike
06/12/2009, Mametlwe Sebei and Weizmann Hamilton, DSM (CWI in South Africa):
Solidarity urgently needed!

South Africa: Rebellion, concessions and repression
24/11/2009, Liv Shange, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Time for a workers’ alternative in world’s most unequal society

South Africa: Working class masses give president Zuma baptism of fire
03/08/2009, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
New government comes up against militant action

South Africa: ANC returned to power in landslide
09/05/2009, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
As class polarisation continues, black working class voters vest their hopes in Zuma …for now!

South Africa: Mbeki dismissed by ANC as president of SA...
01/10/2008, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Africa’s oldest liberation movement headed for split

South Africa: General Strike paralyses the country
27/08/2008, Sabelo Xotyeni, Democratic Socialist Movement, CWI South Africa:
Workers feel their power

South Africa: Xenophobic pogroms reveals capitalism’s barbaric underbelly
22/05/2008, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI South Africa):
Anti-immigrant attacks - a warning to working class

South Africa: As Cosatu presents its Pact to the ANC …
06/12/2007, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement, cwi South Africa:
Does Zuma’s triumph mean victory for the working class?

South Africa: The Lessons of the June Public Sector Strike
05/12/2007, Democratic Socialist Movement, (cwi South Africa):
The most significant strike since the ANC came to power.

South Africa: Trade union leaders call off country’s biggest-ever strike
05/07/2007, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in South Africa):
Suspension of action cannot hide magnificent display of public sector workers’ power

South Africa: Public sector workers’ strike enters third week
16/06/2007, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI), South Africa:
Huge popular support for action puts ANC government under pressure

South Africa: Public sector workers in mass fightback
07/06/2007, Weizmann Hamilton of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM - the cwi in South Africa):
Whilst the government arrogantly insisted that anything above 6% was unaffordable, a commission on remuneration recommended that the president’s salary be increased by 57% and those of ministers by between 30% and 50%!

South Africa: The Soweto uprising 1976
19/06/2006, Weizmann Hamilton:
The struggle for social liberation continues

South Africa: DSM member and shop steward wins reinstatement at Super Spar
18/05/2006, Weizmann Hamilton, Johannesburg, South Africa:
International solidarity plays role in victory

South Africa: ANC wins majority but opposition protests reach new levels
14/03/2006, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement, Johannesburg, South Africa:
Demonstrations and clashes reminiscent of apartheid era

South Africa: Activists’ conference discusses alternative to ANC
07/10/2005, Weizmann Hamilton, Johannesburg, Democratic Socialist Movement (cwi in South Africa):
Coalition formed to fight job losses and poverty

South Africa: Workers demand their share of economic boom in biggest strike wave since 1996
11/08/2005, Weizmann Hamilton, Johannesburg, Democratic Socialist Movement:
Strike action shows workers are not prepared to see wealth polarization continue

South Africa: Powerful general strike against bosses
28/06/2005, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM - CWI), Johannesburg:
Militant action needed to stop "jobs holocaust"

South Africa: Arms corruption trial shakes ANC government
09/06/2005, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM – CWI), South Africa:
Trade unionists and youth should not support either ANC leadership factions

South Africa: Cosatu calls for two-day stay away
22/09/2004, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement, South Africa:
After biggest ever public sector strike

South Africa: Students march for free education
17/09/2004, Liv Rhodin, Durban:
Five hundred students from colleges in and around Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal marched in support of the demand of free education on Thursday, 9 September.

Obituary: Nimrod Sejake
Black South African workers’ leader and fighter for socialism

South Africa: Warning-protest against exclusions at University of KwaZulu-Natal
28/05/2004, Liv Gustavsson Rhodin, DSM, South Africa:
Thursday 27 May the Socialist Student Movement at the Westville campus of the newly "merged" University of KwaZulu-Natal organised a march against the exclusion from financial aid of hundreds of students.

South Africa: Student protests erupt at Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg
30/04/2004, Weizmann Hamilton, South Africa:
While South Africa is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the end of the Apartheid regime, students at Wits University in Johannesburg are protesting against cuts in university funding and cuts in student bursaries.

South African general election: ANC wins overwhelming majority
21/04/2004, DSM South Africa:
But lower poll indicates growing alienation

South Africa: Thabo Mbeki set to win election
14/04/2004, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement, South Africa:
ANC has failed the masses – Time for a new party of the working class

South Africa: Union leadership attacks workers
12/07/2003, First published in the April-May edition of Izwi La Basebenzi (Voice of the workers), the newspaper of the Democratic Socialist Movement, affiliated section of the CWI in South Africa.:
The entire labour movement should be outraged by the draconian actions of the National Office Bearers (NOBs) of the Chemical Paper, Printing Wood and Allied Workers Union.

South Africa: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
09/07/2003, First published in the April-May edition of Izwi La Basebenzi (Voice of the workers), the newspaper of the Democratic Socialist Movement, affiliated section of the CWI in South Africa.:
In 1996, hardly 2 years after the ANC was elected, the leadership, having long since buried the Freedom Charter, abandoned the Reconstruction and Development Programme, replacing it with the neo-liberal capitalist Growth, Employment and Redistribution Programme. Adopted with extravagant promises of high economic growth and a million jobs in 3 years, Gear has, after 7 years thrown the lives of the working class majority into reverse. The capitalist Gear policy has created an “Irish Coffee” society -- black at the bottom, white on top, with a sprinkling of black chocolate on the cream. Socially, we are worse off than under Apartheid. Our conditions resemble the social landscape after the Bible’s 7 Lean Years in the Old Testament. There is more unemployment, poverty and hunger. The weed of crime is thriving in this soil of misery. But as our poverty has worsened, the wealthy have never had it so good. The income gap between the rich and poor has widened into a chasm.

South Africa: Democratic Socialist Movement conference
12/10/2002, Committee for a Workers’ International, 11 October 2002:
Report of Democratic Socialist Movement conference, 5-6 October 2002

Germany: No choice elections
27/09/2002, Sascha Stanicic, Berlin, 26 September 2002:
On 22 September, the Social Democrats and Greens succeeded in defending their government position in the national elections but with a very small majority.

South Africa: Two day general strike set for October
25/09/2002, Issued by the Democratic Socialist Movement, September 2002:
The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) has called a two-day general strike for 1-2 October, to protest against the ANC government’s privatisation programme.

South Africa: Powell’s humiliation closes Earth Summit Fiasco
05/09/2002, Weizmann Hamilton, Johannesburg, 4 September 2002:
The last day of the Earth Summit completed the humiliation of the ANC government in what it had hoped would be its finest hour. ‘Civil society’ delegates walked out in disgust, Colin Powell was shouted down (when he attacked Zimbabwean president Mugabe), and despite the arrests of activists for breaching security at the Keoberg Nuclear Power station last week Green Peace staged another invasion of oil company facilities. These were all an expression of the disgust at the toadying up to big business by governments that led to commitments without timeframes, stripping them of any real meaning. But the inspiration for the last day of protests was provided by the protest march on 31 August. The Johannesburg Earth Summit was a public relations set back for the ANC government and South African President Mbeki, in particular. For the third time in just over a year and the second time in a month, a major international event, so crucial to the cultivation of Mbeki’s image as an international statesmen of note, has been "tarnished" by protests, demonstrations and strikes.

South Africa: Johannesburg Earth Summit
03/09/2002, Weizmann Hamilton, South Africa:
ANC government harassment and sabotage cannot stop 30,000 marching. On Saturday 31 August, anti-globalisation activists were joined by thousands of workers, the unemployed and landless, who marched from the poor township of Alexandra outside Johannesburg to the Earth Summit being held in the exclusive, rich suburb of Sandton.

South Africa: Cosatu call two day general strike as SAMWU’S mass action breathes life into anti-privatisation campaign.
23/07/2002, Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement, South Africa, 23 July 2002:
Cosatu’s announcement yesterday that it has lifted the suspension on the anti-privatisation programme and will be calling a two-day general strike on the 1st and 2nd October, is a direct result of the impact of the Samwu strike. In effect Samwu has smashed its fist through the paper concealing the cracks in the Tripartite Alliance.

South Africa: General strike against privatisation
29/08/2001, Weizmann Hamilton, CWI South Africa:
The struggle against privatisation in SA has entered a qualitatively new stage. At the end of August Cosatu will be holding a two-day general strike to protest against the government’s plan to privatise the Electricity Supply Commission (ESKOM).

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